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This Week in KJA
Stephen Rosen, President

Jolie Spiegelman and Logan Brown (2nd generation AJCC pro!) are running the AJCC Tennis Program this summer.  They are available for individual and group lessons and will be teaching our campers.  If you have interest in tennis, reply to this e-mail or call 690-6343.

The AJCC's Milton Collins Day Camp is one of the few, if not the only, camps in Knoxville to offer a middle school program. The TAPs are involved in all regular camp programs with additional activities like fitness training (age appropriate and directed by professional personal trainers), the camp newspaper, and community service.  If you or your child has interest in looking at the activities, contact us.

Heska Amuna held their annual meeting on Sunday.  Congratulations to out-going chair Rosalie Nagler and new chairman of the board, Scott Hahn.

Sammy Ofer, an Israeli billionaire in the shipping industry died last week.  He was the scion of one of the wealthiest families in the world and his story parallels Israel's success of the last century.

Sarah Palin never looked better than she did while wearing a Magen David last week in honor of Jerusalem Day

Can you think of anything dumber than an argument over which brand of hummus to offer in a college cafeteria?  This Week's "Below the Calendar" is an example of another campus effort at Israel BDS....boycott, divestment/delegitimization, and sanctions.  This round was won with the help of our counterpart federation in Chicago.  If you know of anything like this happening in Knoxville, be sure to alert us.  KJA has a Community Relations Committee and an Israel Partnership committee that are knowledgeable in this area and are prepared to deal with such problems. If you are interested in seeing what we are up against, go to  You can see the Palestinian agenda and also their version of their Chicago chick pea fight.



Monday June 6  Session 2 Milton Collins Day Camp (Survivor Theme) and Camp K'ton Ton
Monday June 6  AJCC Pool 6 p.m.  Camp Committee Meeting  with Melinda Gibbons, KJA VP of Children and Youth
Tuesday June 7  2 p.m.-3 p.m.    AJCC  Friendshipper Book Group

Wednesday June 15  noon   Lunch and Then Some at Rothchild's with Mimi Pais on Yiddish Theater
Sunday July 10 8 a.m. Egwani Farms  Annual AJCC Golf Tournament chaired by Irv Russotto


  Sabra Victory at DePaul University
The ongoing controversy over a proposed boycott of Sabra brand hummus at DePaul University came to a conclusion this week when final decisions were made concerning a non-binding referendum placed on the ballot for Student Government elections. A final recommendation was made by the University's Fair Business Practices Committee, which has been reviewing this issue since November.
The referendum needed 1,500 votes to pass, but failed, thanks in large part to the work of Jewish and pro-Israel students in conjunction with a number of other campus organizations and JUF's Israel Education Center <>  who put together a counter-campaign and called on Israel's supporters to "Vote No."
Michael C. Kotzin, Executive Vice President of the Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago, called the move "one more salvo in the global assault on Israel's right to exist."
"It's not about the hummus <> ," wrote Carl Schrag, Editor-in-Chief of Israel Campus Beat, "...nobody at DePaul is overly concerned with what brand of ground chickpeas is sold in the cafeteria. Rather than criticize the policies of the Jewish state's leaders, Israel's detractors at the Chicago school have waged a relentless campaign aimed at causing students to question the country's right to exist."

The Knoxville Jewish Alliance cares for those in need, rescues those in harm's way, and renews and strengthens the Jewish people in Knoxville, in Israel and around the world.