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Chag Sameach Pesach-Happy Passover to everyone, near and far, from the Officers, Board of Directors and the Staff of the Knoxville Jewish Alliance. Passover and the Seder symbolize freedom from the shackles of slavery and the durability of our people through the ages. Take time during the Seder to recline, schmooze, and share your own family history and the history of the Jewish people with your family and guests. 

"Passover in the Matzah Aisle" at the Knox Plaza Kroger this past Sunday was a great deal of fun. Thanks to event chair Jennifer Kanarek, and volunteers Scott Hahn, Rabbi Alon Ferency, Renee' Hyatt, Charlene Gubitz, and Laura Berry, who helped with the meet and greet. Visitors to the booth enjoyed homemade charoses and a chance to win a huge Passover basket, courtesy of Kroger and its manager, Ted Martin. The program was conducted in conjunction with the Jewish Outreach Institute. Rachel Hale, KJA program manager, coordinated the day's event.

Good News from Israel

More than 25,000 runners ran at the Tel Aviv Gillette Marathon 2012. The marathon has no political implications and unlike the Iranian and Palestinian Authority-sponsored march to gain international recognition, the Tel Aviv event will feature entertainment and celebrations throughout the city. Runners from around the world are making the race a true international event, with entries from Italy, Germany, France, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Denmark,China and the United States, among others. American runners hail from several states, including Maryland, Connecticut, Illinois, Arizona, New York, Florida, Pennsylvania and California.

Lee Kurzits won the world championship in windsurfing for the third time, the first in Cadiz in 2003, the second in Perth, Australia last December and now in Spain. Kurzits achieved a perfect record in the World Cup, winning 4 sails and being in the lead throughout the competition. The gold medal now secures her a spot at the London Olympic Games. Her incredible come-back after severe injury proves her determination and fighting spirit.

Good News for Pancreatic and Prostate Cancer Patients

A new compound, TL-118, developed by Titan Pharma is now undergoing its second phase of tests after proving effective against pancreatic tumors in more than 100 patients. The approach is based on Anti-angiogenic therapy, a revolutionary approach aimed at disrupting the growth by blocking the tumor's blood supply. After many years of research, Professor Ben-Sasson, founder of Titan, hit upon the winning formula for TL-118. Based on preliminary results in animals and humans, Tiltan Pharma decided to test it specifically on people with pancreatic and prostate cancer.

Leslie Snow, a long time member of the KJA CRC Committee, took a look at recent Tennessee legislative actions and wrote the following commentary that appeared in Saturday's News-Sentinel.

Legislative Acts Have Ruined Morning Coffee
By Leslie Snow
 I was drinking a cup of coffee last week when I learned that the Religious Viewpoints Anti-Discrimination Act was approved by the House Education Committee. I didn't know whether to throw up or cry. In the end, I just got angry.

The legislation would require school districts to create a "limited public forum," where students could express their religious beliefs freely; it would allow for student-led prayer at events such as football games and graduation ceremonies. There was some concern about what might happen if Jews and Wiccans decided to speak during one of these events, but Rep. Joe Carr, R-Lacassas, deemed the possibility of turmoil "very remote."

See more:

Sinkers or floaters?

That was the question always asked of Grandma Minnie's kneidels [matzah balls] at the first seder. Would her always delicious matzah balls sink to the bottom of her wonderfully rich chicken soup, or would they float delicately over the surface. The answer to the question was never certain; some years they sank with a slightly chewy texture and other years they floated with a melt-in-your-mouth lightness. What causes the difference? It comes from the ratio of eggs to matzah meal and the amount of air whipped into the eggs. Too much oil added to the mix will make them sink, as will removing the cover while they cook. (Read more)

Get ready for the Art Gala!

The Art Gala, taking place April 12 at 5:00 p.m., is a fundraiser and cocktail party for the entire community. It is the one time a year where we show off our preschool students' delightful art creations while enjoying grown-up conversation and hors d'oeuvres. The gym is transformed into a SoHo loft, complete with wine bar, dim lighting and mood music. We will have a silent auction, a raffle game and the students' special work for purchase-be sure to bring your wallet! Please make plans to join us for this "Adults Only" event.

If you need childcare, we will provide it in the classrooms along with dinner. (Infants, of course, may accompany you.). Please let Melissa Schweitzer know if you need childcare(


Thursday 4-5 Zumba AJCC 8:45 a.m.

Thursday 4-5Israeli dancing AJCC 730 p.m.

Ever made matzah? Ever wonder how they make it? How to make a shmurah matzah-a visit to Manischewitz

By Uri Fintzy · March 29, 2012

With only a week left before Passover, it's crunch time at the state-of-the-art Manischewitz shmurah matzah factory in Newark, N.J. What's a shmurah matzah? It's matzah made in a highly supervised baking process -- even more so than regular matzah -- that takes 18 minutes or less from the moment the wheat mixes with water until the final product is ready.

This year, the Manischewitz company allowed JTA to observe the special process during a shmurah matzah run. Watch the video here:


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