2022 Campaign Thank You

Thank you for supporting our Jewish community!

2022 KJA  Annual Campaign Donors

listed alphabetically


Steve and Carol Abeles

Jeffrey and Shelly Abrams

Martin and Judi Abrams

Jeff and Debbie Abrams-Cohen

Barry and Heidi Allen

Linda Anderson

Jim and Rosalind Andrews

Jeff and Susan Arbital

Heidi Arvin

Patricia and Philip Austin

Leslie Badaines

Simon Badalov and Yelena Golburt

Susan Baker

Sam Balloff

Jeff and Cheryl Baxter

Steve Beber and Sandy Parker

Jeffrey and Nancy Becker

David and Joyce Beerman

Jean Begue

Bernard and Anne Bendriem

Jack and Judith Benhayon

William and Ellen Berez

Bernard and Barbara Bernstein

Rich and Sharon Berube

Theodore and Wendy Besmann

Noah, Idan and Abraham Blitt Family

Van and Bonnie Boring

Peter Branton

Adam and Julie Braude

Abraham and Judy Brietstein

Thomas and Nancy Britcher

Raymond and Beth Brody

Pamela Brody

Pessa Brody

Ivan Brody

Adam and Angie Brown

Harry and Annette Brown

Kenneth and Susan Brown

Robin Brown

Michael Burnett

David and Vivian Butler

Ricky and Cindy Caplan

Arnold Cohen

Mike Cohen

Steve and Joan Cohn

Michael and Diane Cole

Harriet Cooper

Ivan and Carole Cooper

Brian and Korinna Daiagi

Joyce Diftler

Trudy Dreyer

Markus Eisenbach

Michael Eisenstadt

Paul Erwin and Renee' Hyatt

Brian and Lea Falls

Ron and Melissa Feinbaum

Janice Feinman

Rabbi Alon and Karen Ferency

Brad and Mary Beth Fitzpatrick

David and Emma Fleischman

Seth and Nataly Fleishman

Frank and Laura Floyd

Marc and Susan Forman

Mark and Marcy Frankel

Kathy Franzel and Lou Gauci

Claudia Fribourg

Adam and Jennifer Friedman

Josh Gettinger

Melinda and Anthony Gibbons

Allan and Mali Glazer

Bryan and Adrienne Goldberg

Harold and Nancy Goldberg


Alan Goldberg and Sheryl Kartzmer Goldberg

Aron and Hayley Goldfeld

Mitchell and Margaret Goldman

Morty and Kathy Goodfriend

Robert and Wendy Goodfriend Family

Elaine Gorman

Ernie and Pam Gross

Louis Gross and Marilyn Kallet

Jan Hahn and Heather O'Brien

Scott Hahn

Thomas and Susan Hahn

Cody and Mizuki Hanford

Mark Harris

Ellen Schnoll and Terry Haywood

Jeff and Shelley Hecht

Gale and Peggy Hedrick

Rob and Beth Heller

Robert and June Heller

Manuel Herz

David and Deborah Hicks

Stephen and Joni Hirschhaut

Kenneth and Phyllis Hirsh

Barbara Holz

Lee and Sue Hume

Morris and Carol Ickowitz

Martin and Martha Iroff

Jared and Anna Iroff-Bailey

Herb and Elise Jacobs

Jeff and Lisa Jacobson

Scott and Amanda Jacobson

Richard and Sheila Jacobstein

Wesley and Norma James

Kevin James and Julia Wood

Marian Jay

Gary and Linda Johnson

Mark and Shelby Kaye

Judy Kelly

Lawrence and Virginia Kessler

Mari Kohnstamm

Andrew and Dina Kramer

Stephen and Carol Krauss

Robert Kronick

Virginia and Garth Kupritz

Linda Kutsubos

Barbara Leeds

The Honorable Mary Beth Leibowitz

Lawrence and Kay Leibowitz

Edmond and Bella Lester

Barbara Levin

Steve and Grace Lewis

Harvey and Marilyn Liberman

Richard Licht

Mark and Peggy Littmann

Vladimir Livshits and Luba Morkovnikova

John Lomax and Wilma Weinstein-Lomax

Penny Lukin

Marc and Shelley Mangold

Jeff and Meghan Markman

Stephen and Ellen Markman

Robert and Carole Martin

Shannon Martindale

Eric and Julia Mayer

Mary Ann Merrell

Gabriel and Shuli Mesa

Jacob Messing

Michael Messing and Joyce York

Patrick and Nora Messing

Robert and Sarah Milford

Jeffrey and Anita Miller

Lee Miller-Blotner

Gerry Milligan Sr. and Jill Vogelfang

Susan Millis


Seth and Barbara Mintz

Sigmund and Brenda Mosko

Sandra Murray

Stephen and Rosalie Nagler

Chuck and Missy Noon

Joe and Charlene Oleinik

Ray and Babyling Pais

Michael Pardee and Elizabeth Gassel

Kurt Piehler and Susan Contente 

Elizabeth Pline

Robert and Cheri Pollack

Marilyn Pollio

Howard and Janice Pollock

Charles and Brenda Rayman

Seth and Jennifer Rayman

Stefanie Rich

Deborah Roberts and Don Mossman

Pace and Karen Robinson

Steven Rockmaker

Ben Rogozinski and Kaleigh McVety

Alexandra Rosen

Sam & Esther Rosen Community Enrichment Federation Fund

Stephen and Kim Rosen

Allan and Valerie Rosenbaum

Peter and Briana Rosenbaum

Hal and Amy Rosenberg

Judith Rosenberg

Lesley z"l  and Bernard Rosenblatt

Neil and Karen Rubin

Nicole Russler

Laura and Clint Sadler

Ilya and Bella Safro

Brian Salesky

Ronald and Ebbie Sandberg

Gilya Gerda Schmidt

Mary Linda Schwarzbart

Serina and Jeffrey Scott

Michael and Laura Shenkman

Joel and Susan Shor

Hilary Shreter

Mark and Betty Siegel

Harold and Susan Silber

Larry Silverstein

Moshe and Ilana Siman-Tov

Joe Sitver and Anita Kay

Dahlia Smith

Brian and Karen Smith

Daniel Smith

Alan and Karen Smuckler

Alan Solomon and Andrea Cartwright

Gerard and Marilyn Solomon

Greg Stein and Jeanette Kelleher

Melissa Sturm

Gary and Tamara Sturm

Norman and Judy Teasley

Larry and Rise Tucker

Ann Wayburn

Michael and Jan Weiner

Douglas and Jill Weinstein

Greg Weinstein

Ed and Linda Weintraub

Mitch and Mary Weiss

Lee Wertheim

Barry and Annette Winston

Larry and Barbara Winston

Barry and Marilyn Wohl

Geoffrey and Pat Wolpert

Kathy Young

Phil Zaretzki

Michael Zemel and Siri Khalsa-Zemel

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