A Child’s Work is Play

Children are natural born scientists—they question, explore and experiment.  Our professional staff believes that children learn best through a combination of play and teacher-guided activities.  We encourage imagination, ask open ended questions, and present invitations for discovery.  We use proven approaches in educational theory along with the latest in research to create the ideal environment to foster a love of learning.


Why AJCC Preschool?

We help children develop responsibility and self-control while fostering self-esteem by encouraging experimentation and problem solving.  In our classrooms, everyone is a student and everyone is a teacher.  In this atmosphere, children are prepared for success in learning.


Parents are Important

We recognize that we are partners with parents and encourage family involvement in the classrooms, through volunteer opportunities, and with our Parent Organization.  Parents receive regular communication about their child through individual daily reports, weekly newsletters, and parent-teacher conferences.