We’re creating countless moments that have had a lasting impact here and around the world. 

From securing our communities from threats of violence to ensuring a robust, inclusive Jewish community for the next generation - your gift creates countless moments crucial to Jewish life. 

Knoxville Jewish Alliance is there day in and day out, at every moment working to support and protect Jewish life, and we couldn't do it without your help.

We’re there for all of life’s most important moments.

We’re there the moment a child receives their first Jewish book from PJ Library and when they learn their first Hebrew song at Preschool at AJCC or Milton Collins Day Camp. We're there, on the University of Tennessee campus, when a young Hillel student uses her voice to advocate against spreading antisemitism. We're there when a homebound senior receives a warm smile and a homemade challah from Jewish Family Services. And we are also there providing the vital training and security measures that save lives the moment an active shooter threatens a synagogue or any other Jewish communal institution.


We’re strengthening Jewish life every moment, every day, everywhere.

From protecting our institutions from security threats to creating lasting moments of connection for our community members, the Knoxville Jewish Alliance helps ensure Jews all over North America can participate in Jewish life. Your gift allows people to feel safe and secure in our houses of worship and Jewish institutions. Alan and his daughter Abby rely on security personnel to create a safe environment where they can come and worship in peace. Thanks to you, Alan can cheer on Abby on as she sings in the choir during Shabbat.

Together, we’re building and supporting safe, equitable, inclusive, and healthy Jewish communities

Thanks to you, Erin and her family feel welcomed and included in their community. When you give to Knoxville Jewish Alliance you help create environments of compassion, understanding, and respect. Thanks to you, Erin doesn’t need to choose between two identities - she is proudly queer and Jewish.

We are there when refugees are forced to flee their homes due to war, persecution, or natural disaster.

Here at home, in Israel, and worldwide, we provide food, shelter, and medical care to those who otherwise would go without. We are there from Mexico City to Mumbai, Belarus to Be'er Sheva, Havana to Helsinki, and virtually everywhere in between. Through our network of partner agencies, we're on the ground providing invaluable support every day – which means we're also there, ready to respond the moment crisis strikes.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Jewish Federations, in collaboration with our partner organizations, have been in Ukraine and at its borders, helping the millions who were forced to flee their homes, communities, and country. And as the war rages on, we continue to be there, for Jews and non-Jews alike, both on the ground and working from afar, to provide the vital aid needed to recover, resettle, and rebuild broken lives.

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We’re strengthening Jewish life every moment, every day, everywhere.

From the 292 million dollars we invest annually into Jewish education to the 80,000 North Americans we send to Israel each year together, we ignite a lifetime of Jewish pride and connection.

Together, we create space for everyone to participate in Jewish life. We invest 70 million dollars in inclusive programs and the initiatives like LiveSecure, that ensure our communities are safe, secure, and ready to respond to antisemitism. 

And together, we distribute 170 million dollars annually to care for the most vulnerable members of our community.

Thank you for creating moments that impact you, our community and 70 countries around the world.

Your gift allows us to be there in times of crisis and calm. And there are so many more lives we want to impact. 

Together, let’s create moments that last a lifetime.



Your gift helps strengthen the Jewish community in Knoxville and around the world. Thank you!