Good That Goes Everywhere

Through the Knoxville Jewish Alliance and the Jewish Federations of North America, you can Do Good That Goes Everywhere.

While you're reading this, your gift is impacting Jewish lives around the world.

From North America to Ukraine to Israel and across 70 other countries - your gift impacts lives around the world.

Through KJA, You Can Do Good That Goes Everywhere.

From right here at home, your gift reaches across Knoxville and East Tennessee. It builds our Milton Collins Day Camp and Preschool at AJCC, feeds the hungry, and comforts the sick. It fosters community and belonging on our flagship university campus through Hillel at UTK

But your gift reaches beyond that.

Your gift travels from Ukraine to Uruguay, from Madrid to Morocco, from the U.S. to Israel. Each year, Jewish Federations invest over 100 million of our annual campaign dollars to our global partners to strengthen the foundation that supports our community here at home and around the world. These core funds ensure that we are able to support flourishing Jewish communities year-round.

It is this underlying foundation that enables us to respond and mobilize immediately in times of crisis – anywhere in the world.

From a solo visionary to a community convener, your gift builds diverse and inclusive communities — across generations, genders, identities, and backgrounds.

It brings together those who would otherwise remain separate. It opens doors and fosters connections. 

Your gift helps make our community strong, vibrant, and diverse.

When you give to the Knoxville Jewish Alliance, you go from being an observer to becoming a leader. Your gift leaves Knoxville and makes its way to the steps of our nation’s Capitol. It helps advocate for the most pressing issues facing our community today.

It lobbies our government to support Holocaust survivors, increase security for our institutions, and ensure that hatred has no legal place in our city.  

Your gift ensures the Jewish people have a leading role at the highest levels of government.