Kashrut Policy

KJA Kashrut Policy

Approved April 2023

The Knoxville Jewish Alliance (KJA) wants everyone to feel welcome and comfortable in our space. In keeping with Jewish tradition, we honor the laws of kashrut by serving meat separate from dairy products and preparing kosher meat. We recognize that kashrut observance spans a wide spectrum, and the intention of this policy is to be as inclusive as possible to all members of our community. This kashrut policy applies to food served by the KJA (including Preschool at AJCC, Milton Collins Day Camp, PJ Library, etc.) and all food that enters the KJA kitchen.  The policy does not apply to rentals by individuals or non-KJA organizations as that is covered by the terms of the rental agreement. 

The KJA does not serve non-kosher meat, pork, or shellfish in any form. All meat products served by the KJA must be kosher with a kosher certification symbol, called heksher. This includes items with meat ingredients and derivatives such as soup bases and gelatin. Common kosher marks include the O-U, Star-K, Kaf-K, and Triangle-K, among others. 

Meals served during Passover may not include foods which contain bread, yeast, or fermented products.

Potluck meals may serve foods brought in by participants to be shared, whether prepared in their home or from a store or restaurant. Potluck meals should be only vegetarian, vegan, or dairy meals with no meat products, ingredients, or derivatives. 

Food brought for personal consumption and not shared with others is exempt from this policy. For example, lunches brought by an employee or camper for their personal consumption are exempt.  

Food for personal consumption and/or potluck meals may not be stored or heated in the KJA kitchen.
For additional information, questions, or assistance with this kashrut policy, consult the KJA Director of Jewish Life.



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