The Preschool at AJCC will have limited openings for the 2023-2024 school year. Registration will begin early February!!! 


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Preschool at AJCC is a play-based learning center for infants through pre-K that is guided by Jewish values and culture.


We embrace all faiths and we foster individual learning, peer relationships, and socially responsible values in education.


We accept children 8 weeks to 5 years old.


For our Preschool Summer Camp Program, visit here.

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Tours to our facility are currently BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Please call to schedule an appointment.

Photos on this page by Jared Iroff-Bailey

Our Philosophy

Children are natural born scientists—they question, explore and experiment.

Our Curriculum

Children are central to the evolution of their school experience.

Licensing and Certification

We have a Tennessee Department of Human Services 3 Star Rating, the highest possible.

Why our families choose Preschool at AJCC


We love AJCC! We were initially worried about whether it was the right thing to do to send our son to school this year, but also struggled with the idea of denying him the social connections and academic engagement we knew he needed. We've been so delighted about how successfully the school deployed covid safety protocol. I can't say enough what peace of mind it has given us. Because of AJCC's careful planning and remarkable execution of safety practices, our precious boy has thrived during this very weird year. He'll definitely be kindergarten ready in the Fall!




We are so fortunate to have Preschool at AJCC in our lives. My daughter has attended the school since she was almost a year old. The staff of both the preschool & the community center are so kind and caring. When the Pandemic struck at the beginning of March, we were so unsure what was going to happen, how/if our daughter would be able to return to school. The staff have gone above & beyond ensuring the safety of the children. Extra cleaning, temperature checks and masks are just a few of the ways the school is helping to fight covid. I feel like the staff have had so many changes due to Covid but our daughter barely seems to notice a difference. They have worked extremely hard to make school feel the same. The teachers continue with the exceptional lesson plans, art projects, and of course play time. I cannot recommend this school and staff enough to anyone I meet. We are truly blessed to have AJCC in our lives. 



Mary Beth

I cannot overstate how happy we have been with the care at AJCC, especially during the pandemic. We were a little worried when AJCC first reopened but we quickly realized that the health and safety of the staff and students was the first priority and we weren't worried anymore.  It is such a delight to have our son so happy to go to daycare every day - it makes us happy to see him try to jump out of our arms each morning when he sees his teacher.   


Kerry and David  

AJCC has been phenomenal! Our son started at AJCC the end of May of 2020 so naturally we were a little on edge not only because he was starting a new school but because we didn’t know how he would handle all of the new rules re: Covid. From the beginning of the pandemic, the staff has been diligent about being safe, wearing face coverings and keeping the classrooms separate and as distanced as possible all while making the children feel comfortable.  Our son absolutely loves his teachers and the staff and is excited to go to school each day. There has been great communication through the app and email about any changes or new guidelines being put in place for screenings and for sanitization protocols... it’s been perfect to put our minds at ease and to know that everything possible is being done to keep our child and our family safe. Our infant son will be starting at AJCC in the new year. We couldn’t be happier and look forward to many more great days for our kids at AJCC!!

There are so many reasons to love the Preschool at the AJCC. Not only are the teachers preparing our children socially and academically for kindergarten, but they have made our children part of a caring, inclusive community. 


We love that the culture of the Preschool is to celebrate and respect all religions, cultures, and people. 


We love that all of the staff know who are children are and that everyone makes them feel special. We love that these relationships can continue after preschool at the AJCC Summer Camps.


We love the thoughtful and strong leadership. The Preschool Director is does a great job in providing clear communication to families about policies and events. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have as felt as safe as possible sending our kids to school, knowing that Preschool Director was adhering to well thought out policies to keep staff and families safe.


We love the facilities and programs available to our children. There’s a huge library for borrowing books. The huge play areas, both indoors and outside, mean that no matter what the weather, our children always get ample space to run around and explore. Our children have also been exposed to Spanish, sign language, music, and swim lessons. They’ve had opportunities to do dance, basketball, soccer, and yoga. It’s a wonderful place for a curious child to learn and grow.


Larry and Virginia