Teen Programs

Middle School: BBYO Connect

BBYO Connect is the BBYO experience for pre-high school students in grades 6-8 who want to enjoy social, recreational, athletic, cultural, and Judaic activities with new friends! Teen Connection activities occur several times throughout the school year. This program is coordinated entirely by adults.

BBYO Connect

6th - 8th grade

Contact: Noa Barak

High School: BBYO

Gert Weinstein BBG & Rabbi Isaac Winick AZA

With emphasis on the importance of the well-rounded individual, BBYO’s unique programming includes social programming, community service projects, and Judaic enrichment programs. The diversity of programming, coupled with the sense of camaraderie and leadership training, provided by BBYO cannot be paralleled by any other youth organization. BBYO is a place where teens can have fun, develop relationships, embrace tradition and community, and find something inside themselves that only BBYO can bring out. Teens throughout North America are being trained to serve Jewish communities in the 21st century through the magic of the BBYO experience. The local chapters of BBYO are supervised by adult advisors. Parents are also encouraged to learn about the program and help with activities.


9th - 12th grade

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Our region: Delta Region
Our BBG Chapter: Gert Weinstein BBG #636
Our AZA Chapter: Rabbi Isaac Winick AZA #420

Advisor: Paige Quartararo



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