11 2016

9:30a Jewish Life at Home-HA

9:30AM - 12:30PM  

Heska Amuna Synagogue (Conservative) 3811 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN

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Join us this Sunday at 9:30 for JLAH, a new congregational learning series presented by Heska Amuna Sisterhood! 

This is the first in a two year series of eight programs highlighting the holidays and family involvement planned by Anna Iroff-Bailey and featuring a number of Heska Amuna "stars". This Sunday the program kicks off with a morning of learning activities around Rosh Hashonnah  (see description below)

Please join us for text study, for lunch, and for fun!

Each learning day will focus on Jewish holiday rituals and traditions performed at home, with sessions for a variety of ages, children through seniors, including men and women. Let’s get “back-to-basics” by learning and sharing rituals, blessings, recipes, songs, crafts, text study, and more! Then we’ll all join together for a delicious lunch – the perfect end to a wonderful morning.

September JLAH will focus on ROSH HASHANAH!
We will have text sessions led by Jenifer Ohriner and Barb Levin, cooking classes with Jeannie Bobroff and Anne Bendriem, an art project with Karen Ferency, and a trivia contest. Marion Bayer and her team are preparing a mac-and-cheese lunch. There's something for everyone!

The program is free for all! Lunch is $5 per person, family cap of $15.