8 2019

1:00 p.m. - KJA 2019 Annual Meeting - AJCC Caller Auditorium

1:00PM - 2:30PM  

AJCC - Caller Auditorium 6800 Deane Hill Drive
Knoxville, TN 37919

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Knoxville Jewish Alliance Annual Meeting

Sunday, December 8 -- 1:00 p.m.

(Please note the new time!)

AJCC Caller Auditorium

Light refreshments will be served


Members will learn about KJA activities and projects

and elect the 2020 KJA Board of Directors.


Reminder: To vote at the Annual Meeting, you must be a member in good standing. KJA members includes annual campaign donors and AJCC members. To be a member in good standing, one shall be current in their payment of fees, dues and other assessments. (Fees paid for services, such as those paid for classes, preschool, or MCDC are not considered a contribution to the KJA annual campaign.)     


Board of Directors Slate (term ends at the annual meeting of the year indicated)



President:  Chip Rayman (2020)

President Elect: Bryan Goldberg

Interim Vice President-Campaign: Chip Rayman

Vice President-Administration: Wes Johnson (2021)

Vice President-Children & Youth:  Martha Iroff (2021)

Vice President-Education & Culture: Shannon Martindale (2021)

Vice President-Jewish Community Services: Bryan Goldberg (2020)

Vice President-Public Relations: Sarah Frankel (2021)

Secretary: Debbie Abrams-Cohen (2020)

Treasurer: Bernard Bendriem (2020)

Immediate Past President: Adam Brown



Brad Holtz (2021)

Rachel Milford (2021)

Britt Sturm (2021)

Michael Zemel (2021)



Allocations - Jill Weinstein

Budget - Bernard Bendriem

Camp - Jonathan Branton

Community Relations Committee - Arnold Cohen

Cultural Arts Chair - Raphe Panitz

Israel Partnership - Dr. Renee' Hyatt

Jewish Family Services and Friendshippers - Nancy Becker

UTK Hillel - Dr. Greg Kaplan

Long Range Planning - Stephanie Kodish

Membership - Lev Comstock 

Missions - Lee Wertheim

Personnel - Melissa Feinbaum

Publications - Jean Begue


Automatic Board Members by virtue of community position

Jeff Becker, Chairman of the Board, Heska Amuna Synagogue

Steve Lewis, President, Temple Beth El

Gloria Greenfield, President, Knoxville Jewish Day School

Andrea Cone, President, Hadassah

Stephen Rosen, President, Knoxville Jewish Community Family of Funds (as of January 1, 2020)

Mary Beth Leibowitz, JFNA Board of Trustees



Breakdown of the amendments to the KJA bylaws to be voted on at the Annual Meeting:


  • Article IV (Meetings), Section 1
  • Change the notice requirement for annual meetings to 30 days (instead of 15)
  • Article VII, Section 3A calls for the slate of officers to be presented in writing with 30 days’ notice. Because the slate of officers usually goes out with the annual meeting notice, this change will give the same notice requirement to both.
  • Article V (Board of Directors), Section 2
  • Remove the rabbis as automatic board members (delete subsection B and rename the subsequent subsections)—the congregations have representation through their board chairs
  • In current subsection C, renamed subsection B, change “chief elected officer” to “chief officer (volunteer)” and include Chabad of Knoxville and the Jewish Congregation of Oak Ridge in the list. The new subsection would read as follows:
  • Chief officer (volunteer) of Heska Amuna Synagogue, Temple Beth El, Chabad of Knoxville, the Jewish Congregation of Oak Ridge, and the Knoxville Chapter of Hadassah; President of the Board of Directors of the Knoxville Jewish Day School; and the President of the Knoxville Jewish Community Family of Funds (“KJCFF”), if not already elected members of the Board.
  • Add Archives (current subsection D, renamed subsection C) to the list of committee chairs that are automatic board members
  • Change “Jewish Student Center” to “Hillel at UTK” in the list of committee chairs that are automatic board members (list is alphabetized, so the placement would move)
  • Article VIII (Committees)
  • Section 3, Subsection F (Vice President of Jewish Community Services) 2, rename “Jewish Student Center” to “Hillel at UTK” and change “the JSC” to “Hillel at UTK”
  • Section 3, Subsection F, add 5. Archives: Plans and oversees the programs of the Barbara Winick Bernstein Archives of Knoxville and the Jewish Community of East Tennessee
  • Change Section 5 to Section 4, as there is no Section 4


The current KJA bylaws can be viewed here.