26 2021

8pm - Surviving the Nazis: The Mira Kimmelman Story - KJA (Zoom)

8:00PM - 9:30PM  

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Unique play acting opportunity:

Surviving the Nazis - The Mira Kimmelman Story

     Tuesday Evening, October 26, 8:00pm via Zoom


Please join with our Jewish Community and Friends, as you perform a dramatic reading of a play entitled Surviving the Nazis: The Mira Kimmelman Story, based upon Kimmelman's book, Echoes from the Holocaust: A Memoir. Written by Mark Littmann, Mira’s amazing story scarcely needed dramatization.

In 2019, Mira Kimmelman, who was an Oak Ridge resident, died at age 95. At age 15, she and her family were swept up by the Nazi army invading Poland. She spent the next six years in four Nazi concentration camps, including Auschwitz. She lost her mother, brother Benno, and 18 other family members in the Holocaust. But through tenacity, ingenuity, luck, and the help of others, Mira survived. This dramatic reading is her story--and her lasting challenge to us who live on. 

The script is similar to a radio drama. Performing a play informally--no rehearsals--via Zoom is a great way for our community to easily and safely get together. No acting experience is needed.  

Please join us.  It's a thrill to be part of a drama with no lines to memorize and with encouragement from everyone.  If you would rather watch than read a role, that's fine too.  Actors love an audience.

Contact Anna Iroff Bailey at program@jewishknoxille.org if you are interested, have questions, or would like a script.