17 2015

7p Jewish Book Month-Meryll Levine Page-Orwitz Rm

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

Arnstein Jewish Community Center 6800 Deane Hill Dr SW
Knoxville, TN

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Meryll Levine Page and her sister Leslie Levine Adler have written a surprising but entirely true book titled Jewish Luck: A True Story of Friendship, Deception and Risky Business.

Younger sister Leslie visited Russia in the summer of 1976 as part of her undergraduate Russian Studies program. She returned in 1977 to pursue her friendships from the previous summer. The knowledge and experiences she gained from those on-going relationships are the basis of this story.

Older sister Meryll (Anne Greenbaum's sister Debby’s friend) has an impressive resume. She entered Yale with the first class of women. Second year college found her in Jerusalem at Hebrew University and she graduated from the University of Minnesota the following year. For thirty-nine years Meryll taught. Most recently she taught International Baccalaureate History and US History at St. Louis Park Senior High. Many of her special interests converged in researching Jewish Luck: Russian History, Jewish History, women’s history, and travel.

One reviewer of the book wrote: "Truly, you have written a story that makes accessible the reality of existence in Russia, through the eyes of individuals who lived through the various regimes and dictates.  It is fascinating and very well told.  As I read Vera and Alla's story, I learned more Russian history than I had known from a textbook… You tell the tale with vivid detail and hook us on the two women and their stories, then weave in the history to illuminate their journeys. It is such a necessary book.”

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